Sabi Sands Safari Tour Should be Arranged by the Leading Travel Agency in Africa!

There might be so many places, beaches, islands and safaris to see and explore in Africa. But when you are looking for something different and more prominent, you should always move for the Sabi Sands safari. The leading travel agency in Africa is this time going to offer you tailor made safari tour packages. Well, these packages can also be customized as per your needs and budget. However, a tour to the Sabi Sands safari is what you should aim at first when you are seriously looking for more. This is actually a game reserve that is expanding over more than 65,000 hectare of area. During the 1950s, the local landowner has pioneered it. It’s the Sabi Sands safari that also shares its boundary with one of the best national park is Africa known as Kruger National Park. 

Now most of the families who own this place are known as the third or either fourth generation of the land owners. It’s their family’s legacy that has been preserved in a great manner. Near about fifty km of this game reserve is yet to be bordered and this portion of the boundary is also shared with the Kruger National Park. Though such a huge portion of this game reserve is still unfenced, then also Sabi Sands safari is considered as the most habituated place at this part of the world. When you are at this game reserve, you can always expect for the great encounters with the big fives. This place is also popular among tourists for prolific sightseeing. Here, you can also have the sights of elusive leopard. It’s the Sand and Sabi rivers that use to run through this game reserve. That might be a big reason why such name was assigned for this game reserve. Due to the flow of these two rivers, this place is where you can find bio diversity at its best

Sabi Sands safari is surely a great place to be. But to enter this game reserve you need to make reservation with the lodges here. This is where the leading travel agency in Africa can come in very handy for you. Such a travel agency can set the right tone for your Sabi Sands safari tour while arranging your reservation at the lodges located in this game reserve. While staying at these lodges, you will be able to see the real African wildlife closely. And this can really bring a different safari experience for you.